A downloadable HandParticle for Android

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The experience of audio reactive visual effects in your hands.


You can see various particle effects with preset musics.
Also, you can play your favorite mp3 files in your device.

It's fun to move your body with music.
I hope HandParticle will increase that fun.
I'm going to add new visual effects in the future.

v0.2.0 update (2020-12-24)
Added winter Christmas scene.
Now the audio is played in a loop.


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HandParticle_v020.apk 94 MB


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when i try to import my own mp3 files it does not work. i followed the video instructions and tried multiple times, it just doesnt work. i am using v020 unlike in the video and i suspect that this version doesnt work for importing mp3 files. could i get either a download link to version 1 or is there some other way to do it in this version, or can you fix this and make it work with my own mp3 files. thanks a lot, i wish i would be able to use my own files because as of now, i never play the game because i cannot have my own music and hopefully if you see this and help me, i will use this game more. but otherwise, good job on the game!

Hi, thank you for your comment.

OK, I will check my project and fix it for next version. Thanks!

Hi is it possible to buy the source code for this project ? Especially to get the Oculus Integration, Hands and Controller Setting and the change music buttons

Hi, sorry, it is impossible.

Please, may I ask:

How do I get that little ball creature thing to stay off my wrist, I really don't like it 😆 and every time I shake it off, it's back 15 seconds later. It makes weird noises when I try to smack it away.  Also the menu (to switch songs) pops up constantly, breaking the flow. Is there a way to make it stay off unless I touch left finger to thumb? Thanks so much. 

If you do decide to make a next version, might I suggest considering making a mode that is sound reactive, using the built in Quest 2 microphone. I would love an app that I could enjoy with music I am playing in my house or at a party. Of course I can always just turn down the Quest speaker volume entirely, but it would be neat if my particle environment reacted to what it was hearing. 

Thanks so much for the app, it's amazing :) 

Hi, thank you for your comment. I will rebuild the UI system for next version. The idea using microphone is nice. And maybe I will add a video path through mode. Thanks!

will not load menus in HandParticle_v020.apk . Can see the effects moving around, but cannot control any menu. 

are you playing with controller or your hands? because the menus and stuff only work if you use hand tracking

wont download for me

Are you using sidequest?

Please build for linux

I am new to this just recently downloaded SideQuest and wanted to check out Handparticle but i do not understand how to install the apk to my Quest 2 . Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

You need to use SideQuest - available at SideQuestVR.com, I believe. 

This app is remarkable - one of the most thrilling yet relaxing apps I've used in VR.    I'm hoping we will have more visuals. Do you have more plans for it? 

I've been having problems with the install button everytime i press it it works but theres something called Install select but i have nothing to select so please help me with this.

Enjoyment all the way, thanks for your wonderful development. 

Wondering if the Passthrough for Quest 2 could be used as the background,?

My song starts over when I change Hand Particle effect?

Hi, thanks for playing HandParticle.

At this time, it is hard to use Passthrough image in app. But  when it will be possible, I will try.

OK, I will rebuild the UI system for selecting songs and effects at next update.

Thank you.

Should we look forward to seeing a new version soon? This is one of my favorite apps for ANY DEVICE that I've ever had.   I am excited to see any changes or additions or enhancements, big or small!   

Thank you for looking forward to it.

I already have ideas for new visual effects.

I have no enough time for developing these days, but I will try to go to new version!

I can't wait! I look here and on Twitter every few days or so hoping...hoping! 

Thank you so much! Please keep checking Twitter and stay tuned!

Fantastic!  Great little app.  Love the visuals, particularly the first option.

Looking forward to seeing any future updates.


Thank you!!

Can someone please help me in telling me how I can ask a question to the developer?  I try to send a message via the SideQuest link however, I receive a response that I am not "friends" with them.  I appreciate any help someone can lend, as I am new to this experience.  Thanks!  Michael.


I'm the developer.  What is your question? Or you can contact me at Twitter. https://twitter.com/VoxelKei

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Hello!  Thank you for replying!  I want to tell you, so far, your app is pretty spectacular!  I am anxious to try some of my music within it also.

This brings me to a couple of questions regarding how to add .mp3 files. In the game a path is shown. however, I don't see the path  “/storage/emulated/0/andriod/data/com.VoxelKei.HandParticles/files” in the “Manage Files On The Headset” folder in the SideQuest application.  

To establish these folders would I do so by creating subfolders for each category separated by the slash in the "sdcard" like this?:

In “sdcard” create subfolder: “storage”; 

within “storage” create: “emulated”;

within “emulated” create: “0” (the number zero); 

within “0” create “android”;

within “android” create “data”;

within “data” create “com.VoxelKei.Handparticles”;

within “com.VoxelKei.Handparticles” create “files”;

then place my .mp3 files into the “files” folder? 

If this is not correct please let me know. 

Also, how are the files are accessed during gameplay?  

I appreciate your help.


sorry for late reply.
At first, thank you for playing my app.

You don't neet to create folder.
The folder is created automatically when the app is installed.

You can't see the folder like this video?
Please check this video.(1min 15sec)

And please check  the correct path.

And how to access these files.
If importing is correct, these files will be shown automatically.
Like here.(1min 48sec)

Please let me know if it doesn't look like the video.

I hope you success and enjoy HandParticle.

Thank you!

I love this app! So relaxing and well-made! Thank you very much!